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Every few decades, technology reaches an inflection point - a crystallization of seemingly unrelated elements into something transformative.

Today, it is the web itself which is undergoing such a transformation and Brilliant Labs exists to contribute to its interface layer.

The modern web has fragmented into walled gardens and forced each one of us to live fragmented digital lives as a result.  It’s defining characteristics - obsessive ecosystem control, feudal ownership of data, winner-take-all business models, and arbitrary treatment of stakeholders - have started to poison the waters of human possibility.

We believe in a better path.  One characterized by collaboration, openness, and ownership.

A new web is emerging and it will transform our world - how we connect and learn from each other, build community, discover the world around us, engage in commerce, and create beauty to inspire others.

It will be an embodied web, enhancing physical with digital, and it will allow us to navigate this one world as our whole selves, no matter who we are.

All of us have a part to play.

At Brilliant Labs, we are building an ecosystem of new computing experiences to catalyze the development of this emerging web - for all of us.

We are starting with Monocle - a thoughtful amplification of your biological powers of sight and memory contained within a neat, pocket-sized form, designed from the ground up with openness and decentralization in mind.

From this simple starting point and a fresh perspective, we are architecting a company which is dedicated to enabling new, unforeseen avenues for human creativity - both digital and physical.

All of us have a part to play… and we are ready to work alongside you :-)


An augmented reality device for the imaginative hacker.
What will you create?

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Bobak Tavangar

Ben Heald
Head of Design

Raj Nakarja
Head of Engineering

Silvana Kim
Head of Operations

Lily Bruns
Head of Marketing